Topflight considers the Research a very important and strategical field. The biosensors manufacturing needs advanced methods of research to be applied to the various materials and Topflight has planned its production in order that all the steps, from the project to the manufacturing process, obtain great results in Quality Control.

Topflight takes advantage of both its own laboratories and the close co-operation established with qualified Research Institutes of Pavia and Florence Universities for the research and the formulation of specific reagents required by the customers. Topflight offers all its experience and its knowledge to its customers from the project and development of the product and puts its research laboratories at disposal, in order to state a close co-operation for the realization of the finished product.

Topflight, can supply a technologically advanced finished product at very competitive costs, thanks to its advanced technologies and methods of production. Therefore, with Topflight the customer will find a valid and invaluable partner that can help and assist him during the research and the development of his product.



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