Labels and name plates

The self-adhesive materials are made of a self-adhesive layer and a liner from which they can easily separated to be applied on every type of surface, on condition that it is clean and smooth.

The adhesive can be:

  • permanent, the material, once applied, can’t be removed otherwise, it could be partially or totally destroyed
  • removable, in this case the self-adhesive material can be easly removed, if necessary.

According to their use, the self-adhesive materials can be classified in two categories:

  • SELF-ADHESIVE LABELS for inside applications (papers in general)
  • SELF-ADHESIVE NAMEPLATES for outside applications (special products)

The SELF-ADHESIVE LABELS are usually produced with paper or metallized paper by flexographic printing. They are suited for many applications in every industrial fields when a quick and cheap marking is required. They are packed on roll with the surface completely or partially unprinted. In this last case they can be overprinted by the customer through special printing devices.
The SELF-ADHESIVE NAMEPLATES are mainly manufactured with special materials and silk-screen printed. Thanks to their easy application, to their long life and to their high printing quality, they have replaced the traditional metal plates.

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