Printing solutions

The pressure sensitive labels and adhesive name plates can be produced with the following printing systems.



Labels destined for indoor applications are generally produced with this system of printing or other materials for special uses. The labels are normally produced and packed on roll. Special treatments (U.V. varnish and lamination with clear film) can be given to the surface of the labels in order to protect them against oil, petrol, fats, etc., to obtain better brightness and indelible printing in conformity wth some International rules.
The features of flexographic printing are: easy set up of the machine; fast production and, as consequence, low costs. The labels can be produced in any shape: oval, rectangular, round and to a maximum size of mm.150×350 with no more than 4 colours printed.


All the adhesive materials can be printed with this system which is particularly suited to the production of front panels and name plates which have to guarantee a long life (for external use or submitted to wear- and- tear wear). For this reason the following materials are generally used for this type of printing: PVC, FLEXCAL, METCAL, MICAL, PERMICAL, P400, POLYCARBONATE, POLYESTER. The silk-screen printing is normally flatbed on sheets but can be made on rolls when the quantities are considerable. There are no limitations to the size of the product and the number of colours. This printing is used when a high resistance to usage, abrasion, solvents, oil, UV rays or atmospheric agents are required. This printing is normally full tone, but in particular cases, can be done in half tone.


For quick prototypes or production of low quantities, the digital printing is the perfect choice. This solution eliminate the traditional equipment, saving tooling costs. In addition it allows the half tone printing with a very high resolution.


This is a flatbed printing, by laying down the colours on the material at hot temperature. The labels are supplied on rolls and can be produced with consecutive numbering. This type of printing can be done on any kind of material and can be protected with a covering lamination in order to make it indelible. The printing must be full tone and with a maximum size of 100×100 mm.

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