Membrane Switches

Thin profile touch switches are products of Topflight Italia’s unique, in-house capabilities which integrate all elements of research, development and manufacture required for producing high-quality custom membrane-switch panels, keyboards and flexible circuits. Membrane switches represent the most advanced application of self-adhesive materials. They are constructed of progressive layers with thin film materials. These are printed, die-cut and bonded together to form a single, thin-profile, light-touch switching device. Their structure makes them particularly suitable to be used under the most difficult conditions, as their circuits and contacts are completely sealed. That makes them moisture-proof, rust-proof and dust-proof.

The touch switch is a flexible momentary silver contact switch designed to carry a low voltage signal. Topflight touch switches allow maximum design potential for decorative surface graphics with no limit in shapes, colours and dimensions. Topflight can “guarantee” the maximum quality for its membrane switches because they are produced exclusively with materials manufactured in its plants and submitted to strict and constant controls. The adhesives are specially formulated to avoid any oxidation of the traces, assuring a perfect conductivity and the greatest contact reliability. The surface of the keyboard is selected from wide range of materials, all of which are suitable for multi-color printing and have anti-reflexion and anti-scratches characteristics. Polyester and polycarbonate in both matte and shiny finish are most common.

Topflight Italia has obtained the UL American Certification, thanks to its high quality products, and can produce membrane switches according to the army rules. There are no limitis to the use of Topflight membrane switches, which are normally applied in the automobile, naval, household appliance, and electromedical field; electronic toys, dispensers, coffee machines, machine tools and in any other electronic device.

Every single touch switch is controlled by computers and a label bearing all the test values is applied on each product. Specific controls are made on membrane switches with embedded SMD LEDs, in order to test the running and the brightness of each component. Thanks to its high production quality and to its technologically advanced equipments, Topflight membrane switches represent the most reliable and long lasting solution, especially for applications in very difficult conditions.

Here the reasons why Topflight membrane switch is considered a successful choice:

  • long life reliable technology
  • quick and easy application
  • resistance to any difficult condition (moisture, water, dusts, chemical substances, UV rays, temperatures, etc.)
  • custom graphics, shape and dimensions
  • no limit for product volume (neither minimum nor maximum)
  • custom-made product, drawn, created and realized according to the customer’s drawing, able to give an exclusive and personalized aspect to his device.

Topflight assures the highest quality on its membrane switches offering a full “Made in Italy” product. It can help its customer to choose the most suitable materials, to project and realize custom membrane switches, according to his needs.

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