Double-side Adhesive Tapes

The single and double side adhesive tapes produced by Topflight Italia are used in almost all production processes and in the most varied conditions due to their formulation with a wide range of high quality adhesives: permanent, removable having either gradual or quick adhesion.

Thanks to the variety of adhesive materials we can solve any application problem in different industries such as the automobile, home appliance, air conditioning, hooks for the household, mirrors, etc.

Topflight Italia can offer our experience and collaboration for the best solution to any kind of appli problems of the adhesive materials, by researching and finding the most suited material to its specific use, because the failure of an application is not often due to a bad adhesive but to a wrong choice in the type of adhesive.

We have laboratories equipped with sophisticated devices to determine the behaviour of self-adhesive materials in different circumstances and at different temperatures.

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