Antimikrobielle membrantastaturen


Topflight Italia is very attentive and sensitive to the market’s requirements and needs. For this reason, we can offer membrane switches with ANTIMICROBIAL PROTECTION.

The use and request of this solution has never been as high as in recent times especially in the following fields: hospital, medical devices, food market, laboratories or in any other market.

Topflight ANTIMICROBIC membrane switches provides constant surface protection from bacterial contamination and they are suitable for hygiene-critical and high-contact areas that need added protection from bacterial transfer. In the meantime, they are scratch and chemical resistant.

They are made by a special material that incorporates an antimicrobial agent distributed on the entire surface. When bacteria and fungus encounter the membrane switch surface, the antimicrobial function disrupts the microbial cell wall inhibiting growth. The result is that the ANTIMICROBIAL membrane switches provides dependable and constant protection against microbial contamination, avoiding transmission and contagion to the keyboard operator.

This special ANTIMICROBIAL material is tested according to ISO 22196:2011 in order to guarantee a high quality and long protection over time.

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